Automated CODING

The NollaSoft platform automatically generates code for the process controllers (PLC) at the planning stage, already adapted to the various controllers available in the market, reducing both coding and simulation time by a staggering 90%.

Today, most coding is done manually and depends largely on the expertise and quality of the coder, who often becomes a bottleneck, making the entire planning and design process long, costly, and sometimes even painful. With traditional design processes, mistakes might only be detected at the simulation or trial run stages. Some might not be detected at all.
The objectives are already valid, because they’ve been checked for errors in advance, which reduces costs dramatically. Coding quality does not depend on any one person, but rather it is a function of gathering collective know-how within the organization.
Manual coding also takes longer and the knowledge remains with a specific individual. With our platform, the process is accelerated, errors are identified early on, and the information is stored in an accessible way for the organization to keep, build on, and use in future projects and upgrades.

Check out what we can do for you if you have production, manufacturing, energy, or infrastructure projects that require reliable continuous control systems.

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