How it all started...

“Not long after I started to work in the world of control systems, I identified a tough problem to crack: the lack of communication between the process engineers who define the system parameters, and the control engineers who actually implement and run them. I saw the need to bridge this gap through Process Flow Diagrams (FDF) and Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID). I knew more accurate P&ID would result in shorter work times. So when I came across S-88, which presents the right methodologies and a better way to connect between the two worlds—process and control—I realized this was the key to optimally structuring a system. This was my “eureka” moment, and I decided to turn all my professional focus in that direction. 

As I dug in deeper, however, I discovered there was a problem with the standard too: When you begin to work with it, it is hard to do so with discrete documents. This software emerged initially as a working tool for me, and later, for the control system engineers to use. This allows us to work in a multi-objective environment, all of whose documents are produced in a specific environment where we can easily see the links between them.”  Avi Hadar, Founder

The Founder

Avi Hadar - Founder and CEO

Avi founded Nolla Automation in Jan. 2015. In parallel to running his own company, he also acts as Software Implementation Specialist for Unilever, Israel since 2017; Software Engineer at Mekorot, the Israel National Water Company since 2016; Implementation Engineer at Galam Ltd. a company engaged in refining natural products to providing premium ingredients to the food and non-food industries in about 40 countries. Between 2015 and 2017, Avi was an Implementation Specialist with the ICL Group (listed on the NYSE and TASE), a global specialty minerals and chemicals giant that employs approximately 11,000 people and operates 49 plants in 15 countries. Avi holds a BE in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

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