NollaSoft – Efficiency and Accuracy: from the Big Picture down to the Last Detail. Stay consistent and standardize your information within and across all your projects.

Speed & Ease

Save time and money.
Keep it simple and friendly.


Stay consistent. Use the same language across all projects and modules.


Catch mistakes even before run-up and deployment. Minimize risk.

Be in control of major industrial and infrastructure projects from A to Z!

Choose NollaSoft, a new platform for efficient information-based analysis, design, engineering, and planning in just 2-4 weeks. Cover all stages: inception, architecture, configuration, simulation, trial runs, validation, deployment, production, and automation PLC coding with simplified modulation objects and parameter definition. Keep knowhow in-house and accessible. Maintain uniformity and consistency across projects and processes, avoiding omissions and mistakes. Make future projects and upgrades easier and faster. Stay within budget and reduce time to start-up and market by 30% to 50%.

NollaSoft is an innovative platform for the analysis, structuring, and planning of complex automated engineering processes.

Our platform allows you to manage and improve the quality and efficiency of the design and control of process automation, while preserving the technical knowledge your organization has accumulated in a database available to all the relevant functions for the duration of the entire project, launch, and operation. All project information is standardized and built consistentlyUsing modulation objects, NollaSoft simplifies the planning of sophisticated engineering flow processes, automation, and control of production or other systems, as well as changes in architecture, adding or upgrading components, and maintenance, while constantly keeping information accessible to the various users involved when needed.  

Nolla WAS designed FOR any organization
active in the following areas:


Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Metals, Plastics, etc.


Water, Sewage, Oil, Gas, Solar, Utilities.


Sorting,Storage, Transport, and Collection.


Machines for Different Purposes.

Planning large complex projects that require multiple integration of components and equipment can now become a simple, centralized task, shared and preserved within your company. 

Generate engineering flows (P&ID) and codes for system controllers (PLC) directly from the physical model.

Why Nolla?

NollaSoft is an efficient, accessible solution to simplify the planning of the most complex projects and procedures. Nolla meets even the strictest validation requirements of regulated production processes such as pharmaceuticals and food.

Easy communication and coordination between customers, planners, and controller coders result in a significant reduction in planning time, deployment, and trial run of systems—about 30% less time for new systems and 50% for upgrades.

The Nolla Edge :

A world-class engineering system, Nolla complies with the International Society of Automation (ISA) global standards S-88 (standard for efficient Batch Automation Control), and ISA 106 (Procedure Automation for Continuous Process Operations)

Take on the future now with NollaSoft

Today, nolla is in use AT leading Israeli companies such as:

Mekorot – the Israeli national water company, ICL – the largest chemical consortium in Israel: Unilever Israel (food consortium) etc.

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